Why We Exist

Every day, United by Love works to create a peaceful world with respect for the human rights of all human beings.

United by Love is a multi-national non-profit that works to foster a world united by common humanity and lived through perpetual peace through programs that empower ordinary people to create extraordinary change.

Our work focuses on creating cohesive communities free from inter-group tension. We do this by providing human rights education, teaching people how to respond to hate speech, ensuring that marginalized communities have access to public resources, holding tolerance workshops, and empowering youth to lead positive change in their communities.

Through this work, we have impacted countless individuals and helped to create more tolerant, understanding, and respectful communities in Southeastern Europe, the United States, and Nepal.

Our Mission


To foster a world united by common humanity and lived through perpetual peace.


Our Values


Respect and Understanding, Inclusiveness and Diversity, Hope, Engagement, and Innovation

Our Philosophy

Communities progress when ordinary people are empowered to create extraordinary change.

Our Team

  Meet the people across the planet working to improve communities each day.

Our Team

Our Supporters

Supporting United by Love are numerous people and organizations whose resources empower us to do the work we do.

Our Supporters