Our Mission, Values, and Philosophy

Our Mission

To nurture a world united by common humanity and lived through perpetual peace.

We know that a better world is possible, and it starts by connecting people of different ethnicities, races, classes, sexualities, genders, nationalities, abilities, religions, and political views with respect for the human rights of all people.

Our Values

Respect and Understanding

We respect the inalienable human rights of all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, class, nationality, ability, religion, or political views. Furthermore, we seek to understand all views, even those that violate our ideals. It is our belief that by listening to other’s perspectives, we can work toward understanding, and from understanding, we can establish tolerance and respect.

Inclusiveness and Diversity

Mutual understanding and respect do not develop when people are surrounded only by those who are similar. In accordance with these values, all our programs are fully funded, allowing people to participate regardless of economic class. Moreover, all our programs incorporate affirmative action measures to ensure that the participants represent the communities we serve.


When people put differences aside and come together for a common purpose, anything is possible. Although the communities that we work in face many challenges, we are confident that, by empowering normal citizens, we will improve the lives of people who call these communities home.


A better world starts with empowering ordinary people to make extraordinary change. For this reason, our work focuses on change at the individual and local level through grassroots action. Our programs work to raise the voices of those who have the greatest potential to create positive, impactful change.


Traditional ways of eliminating hate and intolerance in communities have shown to have limited ability to solve problems. Our programs approach the problems of intolerance, discrimination, and hate in pioneering, effective ways, filling gaps in the communities we serve.

Our Philosophy

Communities progress when ordinary citizens are empowered
to create extraordinary change.

Real reform comes from everyday people being given the opportunity to advocate for progressive change, not when officials addend summits or sign documents. Our programs are intense, and our demands of our participants are high. We do not organize for show or publicity. We organize for action – and we get results.