Bright Start


Bright Start is a program for Macedonian University Students studying to become public school teachers that provides training to develop skills needed to conduct human rights education in their future classrooms. United by Love is currently implementing a pilot version of Bright Start in Macedonia.

The program has three phases: The independent learning phase, the collaborative learning phase, and the classroom implementation phase. During the independent learning phase, teacher participants independently read through various human rights education materials and complete assignments relating to that material, such as group discussion forms with other participants and activity implementation ideas. The second, collective learning, phase is characterized by a five-day summit where the student participants gather to receive in-person human rights education training. In the final phase, the student participants work with members of the organizing team to develop and implement human rights education projects in their communities. The student participants are eligible for in-kind donated supplies to facilitate these projects.

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United by Love




University Students


  • Independent Learning Phase: Two Months
  • Collaborative Learning Phase: Five Days
  • Action Phase (optional): Four Months


Bright Start Program