Bridging Backgrounds


Bridging Backgrounds is our flagship program. The program’s goal is to foster tolerance, strengthen inter-ethnic understanding, and expand knowledge of human rights among high school students in Macedonia.

In the summer of 2017, United by Love ran the pilot version of the program in Macedonia. In 2018, we intend to expand the program in Macedonia and to neighboring countries.

The program has two phases: the learning phase and the activism phase. During the conference phase, participants attend a seven-day conference. The conference is comprised of human rights education activities, community activism training, and talks from local politicians, activists, and academics. During the second phase, the activism phase, Bridging Backgrounds participants design and implement their own community-based projects related to one of the program’s themes. Throughout the duration of the second phase, participants receive sustained mentorship from specialists on the organizing team. Bridging Backgrounds participants are eligible for micro-grants of up to $250 to complete these projects.

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United by Love




Secondary School Students


  • Learning Phase: Seven Days
  • Activism Phase: Four Months


Bridging Backgrounds